case study

Automating the process of validating declared goods

Manual and time-consuming validation of declared goods.

AEO Now works on behalf of various trading companies, taking responsibility for checking whether shipped goods and related shipment information are correct and accurate. This compliance element is a unique value-add AEO Now provides to their clients.


more shipments checked


faster throughput time


more time to focus on strategic work


Yara, a digital colleague, processes the shipment information such as product weight and quantity

Human mistakes related to typos and negligence are prevented

Happier workforce and more time left for assessing the value of goods

Improved customer service through faster throughput time

The challenge The challenge The challenge

the challenge

Auditing product information as declared by shippers consists of predominantly dull, copy-paste work within the audit system of AEO Now. It also requires good judgment to, for example, inspect the intrinsic value of goods. The administrative work doesn't only eat up considerable time but also leads to less accurate decision-making due to time pressure, as shipping companies want to ship products faster to meet increasing customer expectations. To streamline their business, AEO Now wants to achieve the desired efficiency to scale their operations, satisfy SLAs and prevent administrative backlog.

The before The before The before The before The before

The before

Before employing their digital colleague Yara, back-office staff had to spend most of their time manually administrating information into their audit system. The process looked as follows:

  1. Opening the first shipment in the waiting list, where all declared shipment information is provided.
  2. Copying reference number, HS-code (product code), product weight, currency code and sender, among other relevant details.
  3. Pasting details into corresponding fields in the audit system.  

The after The after The after The after The after The after The after


AEO Now has reached a level of standardisation that enables rapid scaling. By automating all manual actions and introducing an error-free process, staff can fully focus on what they are best at: assessing and interpreting the value of goods together with the appropriate HS-code. With RPA as their ultimate starting point, AEO Now complements their current process with AI/ML capabilities and has already found the next process they would like to hand over to Yara.

Digital colleague, Yara, mimicked human actions leading to the following tasks:

  1. Reviewing information. Yara opens up the shipment order and scrolls down to gain an overview of shipment details.
  2. Interpreting information. Yara copies and classifies details to learn what piece of information to input where.
  3. Entering information. After classifying, Yara inputs the correct information (e.g., HS-code, reference number) into the appropriate fields within the audit system.