case study

Automating price updates, real-time

Updating prices based on regularly changing pricing lists from suppliers.

Alliance Automotive Group (AAG) distributes a wide variety of car parts to retailers and end-customers in the Benelux. With a supply of 2 million items, continuously tracking and updating prices across different supplier portals is vital to ensure accurate product information – however it’s also burdensome and time-consuming. Yarado helps AAG to monitor and immediately update prices in their Product Information Management (PIM) system – Product360 – as soon as new pricing lists are published.


Hour saved on every price list update


Error reduction


Quicker price change implementation


Prices automatically updated within the PIM system

Accurate and reliable management information

Reporting capability added in BI tools (QlikView)

Increased productivity as a result of freeing up one full-time employee

The challenge The challenge The challenge

the challenge

With over 100 various suppliers, AAG received new price lists on a weekly basis, which meant that processing price updates became a hugely repetitive and erroneous activity. To account for price changes, a dedicated employee had to manually retrieve the new price list from the destined supplier portal and compare it with the existing price list in Product360, their PIM system. Even the slightest delay caused prices to be outdated, leading to inaccurate reporting of financial transactions, inventory costs, cash positions and sales activities.

The before The before The before The before The before

The before

Before partnering with Yarado, a full-time employee was responsible for keeping price lists up-to-date. This was a repetitive, manual task that diverted the focus from more strategic work.

The process involved following steps:

  1. After the employee logged into the supplier's portal, the new price list was imported into Product360.
  2. In Product360, the prices of relevant products were then cross-referenced with the existing prices to detect any price changes.
  3. Every price change had to be updated and approved by the product manager.

The after The after The after The after The after The after The after


The Yarado robot fully automated the whole process, having immediate impact on AAG's operations. Lightning fast and making zero mistakes, software robot Yara took over the mundane task, freeing up the employee and ensuring greater accuracy in price lists. Moreover, Yara also generated a more reliable and accurate management information through automatic reporting in QlikView. This enabled AAG to steer their operations more effectively with clear KPIs.

Yara takes the following actions

  1. Retrieving price list
    First, Yara logs into the portal of the supplier and imports the new price list into Product360.
  2. Filtering new prices
    Yara filters the price column based on its price status: “01 Change”.
  3. Adjusting prices
    Within Product360, Yara selects all changed prices and adjusts the existing prices accordingly.
  4. Generating export
    Yara exports the updated prices to QlikView for reporting.
  5. Approving new prices
    Yara logs into Product360 as a product manager to officially approve the new prices.