Should I automate my process?

Whether your current process is designed in the right way and runs smoothly depends on a number of factors.  Often, our customers realise how much time and productivity is wasted by the manual, time-consuming processes just by considering:


Time it takes

How much time does your team spend on the process?


How important it is

How critical is it to the running of your organisation?


How frequent it is

How often does this process need to be performed?


Are there exceptions

Is the process standardised or are there many exceptions?

How do you choose the right process to automate?

At Yarado, we can help you identify processes that would benefit from automation. But chances are your team already has a good idea of the repetitive work that could be mimicked by a robot.

These three are sure to add a little frustration to your employees’ workday:


They spend hours downloading and uploading data, copying and pasting information.


They see errors creeping in as a lot of the information is processed manually.


They need to pull data from a number of tools to prepare reports.

Yara, our software robot, helps your business in a number of areas.

Automating everyday
admin work

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Transferring data
between systems

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Reporting and

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Deployment, testing
and monitoring

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You don’t need IT to start automating.

Our platform is designed with a business user in mind, meaning you don’t need specialised coding or IT skills. But we’re pretty sure that your IT department would still love to be part of the automation journey.
Here’s all that Yara needs:
A workstation
Just like every employee, Yara needs a computer to work from – a regular one or a laptop – or a virtual environment.
A user account
Since Yara is one of your new (digital) employees, it needs a user account it can use to work.

Frequently asked questions

Visit our FAQ page to find out more about Yarado, our technology and automating processes.

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