The Yarado platform

Yarado is a flexible Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software solution that mimics user behaviour, allowing you to reduce manual tasks and automate business processes.

Yarado Console

The main control pane of Yarado, a no-code application to record and automate your tasks.

Automation Orchestrator

Manages, schedules and tracks robots, enabling the tasks to run at specific times or intervals.

Yarado Console

A no-code automation tool that allows anyone to build a robot

Capture tasks step-by-step

Just hit ‘Record’ and do your work as you normally would. Yarado records each action in the background to learn your process step-by-step.

Automatically document processes

After recording your task, Yarado visualises the whole process preparing it for further analysis, as well as editing and sharing.

Edit and add functionality

Pick between 100+ functions to analyse, filter, clean and prepare data or add additional low-code scripts to perform certain actions.

Make tasks repeatable

Set up variables and add loops to use data from any source (for example Excel file), or include a variable from other steps in the process you’ve built.

Works with
any application

Whether it’s a desktop or web application, our AI computer vision algorithm is able to detect visual elements to make sure clicks and information are input in the right place.

Multi-factor authentication support

Fully automated in-the-cloud MFA is available in most cases. Depending on the use case or security governance, Yarado also supports attended log-ins, authenticator apps and SMS verification.


Yarado’s API controller can be used to not only schedule tasks, but also to integrate Yarado with existing automation tools, such as Zapier or Microsoft Flow.

Automation Orchestrator

Manage an army of Yaras

Use the automation orchestrator to schedule, start and monitor tasks across your entire robot workforce.



Every Yara needs a workspace, so we deploy cloud workspaces in which they can do their best work.


We continually extend Yara’s skills by integrating major cloud-based AI and Machine Learning technology.

On-premises support

In certain situations, Yara can work using on-premises workstations or in local data centres.


Want to know more? Full documentation of Yarado is available in our knowledge base.